New redraft league 3 spots left

Different type of league concept…I think this new idea will be fun, creative, and its a better way of proving who the best is…so if u want to prove ur worthy of a championship and some cash join up…heres how it will work

12 man ppr, no kicker league, faab for waivers, no divisons, no head to head…instead each week you set a lineup like you would every week and you compete against your whole league, top half of the league in points for that week gets a win, bottom half gets a loss…6 team playoff, each playoff week the bottom two teams get eliminated from the playoffs…four places will get paid out…75 dollar buy in all money on leaguesafe, i believe were going to use sleeper, groupchat will be done on groupme

pay outs…4th-50, 3rd-75, 2nd-275, 1-500
1/3 chance of playing some fun fantasy football and winning money

will not be drafting until august…i dont believe in early drafts