New redraft league start up .5 ppr no kicker 🔥 league - drafting 9/4 @2pm pst

League of Anonymous Individuals

$50 buy in.


1st place $450

2nd place $100

3rd place $50

Dues via leaguesafe.

12 teams .5 point PPR. NO KICKER league.

$100 FAAB waiver budget.

Scoring is ESPN default except for bonus 2 points for receiving/rushing over 200+ yards and bonus 2 points for passing 400+ yards.

3 divisions (4 teams per division).

6 team playoffs

1-3 seeding will be 1st place in each division.

4-6 seeding or “wild card” teams will be the 3 next HIGHEST scoring teams regardless of division wins (excluding division winners since they will be seeded 1-3). If scores are tied → will go to overall team records, then head to head record, and lastly division placement.

No consolation bracket.

1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1flex, 1def, 4bench, 2IR (covid eligible)