New Region-Based Keeper League - Active Owners Only

I’m launching a new keeper league called the “National Footballers League.” I’m looking for engaged league members to join this regionally based 12-team half point PPR league. Teams will be split into four division (regions): North, South, East and West. Each year, each team can keep up to three keepers with a single round penalty in the draft. (Example: If they were drafted in the 5th round in this year’s draft, you could take them as a keeper in next year’s draft as a 4th round pick.)

The round penalty is removed from players within a team’s region to incentivize owners to keep players from their region. (Example: If you are in the East Division and you choose a player to be a keeper from any team in the NFC East or AFC East, there will not be a round penalty, meaning if they were drafted in the 6th round in this year’s draft, you can keep them as a 6th round draft pick in next year’s draft.) Each team can also “Franchise Tag” one player, meaning you can hold them as your 2nd round pick. If this player is within your region, you can take them in the 3rd round.

In the first year, draft order will be selected at random. Owners will pick their divisions in reverse order of the initial draft. (Example: the owner with the 12th pick will pick their division first and the owner of the 1st pick will pick their division last.) You cannot change divisions. The expectation is that owners will be active and engaged. We will use the Sleeper app for all league communication. Let me know if you’re interested.

Here’s the link to join on Sleeper: