New roster setup strat

So couple of our leagues voted in favour of a new roster set up for flexibility with the unknown of Covid.
It’s now 1 each of QB, WR, RB, TE and 3 Flex (w,r,t)
Would you still stick with Qb/Te late or go early for a top tier Qb/Te?
Ones a redraft and ones a keeper.
In the keeper I’m the 11 spot linear draft and have ezek in the 1st, Ekler in the 4th and Golloday in 10th. Top 4 Te are kept, would you grab Mahomes in the 2nd?

Since it’s not superflex, QB doesn’t gain any value IMO. TE maybe, but only if it’s Kelce or Kittle, and I wouldn’t grab both in any case. And they’re taken anyway in the Keeper. I don’t think the format really deviates from the standard. I’d just grab the best available WR/RB in round 2.

I agree. You’re chasing highest scorer in almost every round, regardless of position.