New SF Dynasty player with questions

Hi all,

What do you guys recommend for trade calculators, and what does SF adp look like atm? i have the 23rd 27th,28th & 33rd Rookie Picks in this draft

Thinking I should sit tight and grab best player available when it’s my turn
Team definitely needs to get younger at RB.

Thoughts appreciated.

BPA in a rookie draft is usually the best premise.

I use

you have to pay to use the calculator?

Yeah it’s like 3 dollars a month, less if you pay for a longer length.

It’s worth it to me if you’re an avid dynasty player.

Trade calculators aren’t as useful as one’d think, but I think the Dynasty Dominator app is the most accurate. Like all good tools, it does cost $. None of the good RB’s will make it to end of 2nd unless you’re lucky and can get Moss or something, so you are probably best packaging your picks to move up into the 1st/early 2nd.