New sleeper slow draft Bestball leagues

Whats up guys? Im gonna be running a weekly bestball draft. right now we are at 8 team, $10 buy-in, WTA. Switch it up from league to league for roster size and to keep it interesting. Next one I am starting is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FX, FX, FX, SFX + 20 bench spots. 4 hours a pick for the 1st 15 rounds. After that it is 2 hours a pick final 15 rounds. Paused from 9AM EST - 9PM EST. Looking for people who do not ride the auto pick option. Using leaguesafe for payment. If you are interested DM on Sleeper @RickJ19Zeta7

Starting a new one on either Sat or Sun if you want in! only change to above post is that this one is going to be 3 WR instead of 2.

Do you have 2 spots remaining?