New Start Up Dyno Free

Looking to get a new Dynasty League off the ground will be a free league, hopefully all from the Community as in my experience that builds a great league.

Slow Draft. (All players included year 1)
Sleeper app.
12 Teams. Roster year 1 - 20spots+5taxi+3IR
(taxi squad Rookies only up to 2 years. 4 Round Rookie Draft from 2020.)
3 Divisions - Winner from each goes into Play offs as the top 3 Seeds.
Plus 3 Wild cards - Seeds 4&5 go to Best remaining records, seed 6 goes to team with Most points scored not already in.
FAAB. Rolling Waivers.
0.5 PPR 0.75 TE.
4pt pass TD.

Please only sign up if truly interested and someone who is active