New Startup - 12 Team tiered PPR SF

Football Startup $50, Tiered PPR, SF

Posting on behalf of the Commish -

Hi all,

We are looking for committed owners for a long-term dynasty startup, the LFL (Laptop Football League). Ideally want people who will be involved in the league chat, responsive to trade offers and enjoy joking around.

Key Features:

  • $50 buy in per season
  • Platform is Sleeper
  • Roster: QB, SF, 3WR, 2RB, TE, flex, 16 bench
  • Tiered PPR: .5 ppr for reception of 0-9 yards, 1 ppr for reception of 10+ yards
  • Large 10-man taxi squads
  • Slow startup draft which includes drafting the individual 2020 rookie draft picks

Couple key points to note before joining. 1) There are no refunds for seasons that have already been paid for. 2) I want this to be a friendly and fun league, therefore there is a zero tolerance policy for aggressive, sexist, racist, etc behaviour. I will always try to resolve things but retain the right to remove an owner from the league for this behaviour. I’m not putting this up front to scare off anyone, but rather to make it clear since it can lead to the forfeiture of your league dues.

League Constitution:

If you are interested shoot me an email at, explaining why you want to join the league, a bit about yourself and your fantasy football experience. (The whole point of this is just to screen for committed owners).

Thanks all! Looking forward to getting a great league going.