New Startup 60 Team League - 5 copy, SF, TE PREMIUM - $100 - Leaguesafe

$100 60 team league

There are 5 versions of each player in the database you can select.
But you cannot own more than 1.

Theme is: TV Sitcom Characters
There will be team banners, league banners all created. So the site will follow a theme.

$100 entry via leaguesafe
2 TE starting
Tiered PPR, TE Premium Scoring

Total Starters: 12
Number of Starting QBs: 1-2
Number of Starting RBs: 2-4
Number of Starting WRs: 3-5
Number of Starting TEs: 2-4
Number of Starting Defs: 1-2


Please read everything carefully to completely understand all the rules. It’s an awesome league concept run by one of the best commish’s out there!

Just DM me your email address or respond to this message with your email address.

Just 15 spots left!

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I’m interested in joining this league. Do you have any spots left??

I’m interested in joining this league. Do you still have any openings?