New startup empire league

Looking for a couple of guys to join a startup empire league. We currently have 10 guys and would like to have 12 and possibly 14, Sleeper is the platform. Buy in is $50 per season. Once the league is filled we will determine all the rules, rosters, and draft dates. The plan is to have two drafts, one without rookies then a rookie draft. If you’re interested respond to this thread and I will try and get a couple or more new owners selected.

I’m interested if it stays 12 teams.

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I’m very interested

Not trying to insult you but I need to ask a couple of questions…
Do you have experience with dynasty leagues?
Are you aware that in an empire league only a portion of the league dues pay out each year and the rest roll over in a kitty that only pays out when someone wins back to back?
Will you be active even during the nfl offseason?

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No offense taken. I understand that dynasty leagues live and die with the activity of it’s members. This would be my second dynasty league, the first started earlier this year.

I would be very active in the offseason. I’m the kind of guy who counts down the days until nfl free agency.

Empire pots are cool. It keeps teams invested and competitive. Everyone tries to knock off the previous year’s winner.

If you are still looking I am interested.
Do you have league bylaws written up you could provide so I could get an idea of the rules (scoring, roster, trades, etc.)

I was working on a League Constitution (bylaws) for a Empire League and just have not had time to Commission one - so would be willing to join one for sure.

I’d be interested in this league. I am currently in two empire leagues and I am looking to add one more. Feel free to shoot me an email at

Hey man. Thanks for reaching out to me. It looks like it is going to be 14 teams. We will work through all the particulars of the rules and roster construction once we fill the league. There will be some sort of point per reception, not sure if it will be full or half. We use the sleeper app, we use PayPal for league dues, and we are a group of easy going light hearted guys who keep it decent while taking every opportunity to roast someone. If you are still interested, just let me know and I will send you an invite. If you use the sleeper app send me your user id and I will invite you that way. $50 is due before the draft.

Yeah I’m down for 14

That sounds good! I’m in!

Sweet. Are you on sleeper? If so, what’s your id?

Any spots left?

I just filled it. If something changes I’ll let you know. Thanks for checking.

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I am not sure if you got the email I tried to send. Shoot me your sleeper id or your email and I’ll send your invite if you don’t have it yet

Yeah I didn’t get your email.

@brownLION on sleeper if any spots open up, been looking for an Empire league on Sleeper for several weeks!

I’ll keep you posted if something opens up.

I’m casperhodi on Sleeper if anything changes