Hello everyone, We all love football. That is what has brought us here. This league is where owners are involved and should partake in all football activities. We will have fun, enjoy the competition, and create a great atmosphere. Owners must be dedicated, willing to make trades, and be competitive. No jerks, no arguing, healthy disagreements are fine, but you guys get the idea. So, in saying all of that… WELCOME TO THE SuperFans of Football Dynasty League.

The league settings will be as follows:

Platform used will be My Fantasy League

Scoring will be PPR, with the following positions:
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX, 1 K 18 BENCH, 2 IR, 2 TAXI (no defense)
FAAB Waivers
2 Year Draft Pick Trading

Divisions -
4 divisions - 3 teams each
Play division 2 times everyone else once

League Costs and Payouts -
You must pay PRIOR to the draft
All fees will be collected on League Safe
Buy in will be for $60. Here is what it covers:
$60 per team x 12 teams = $720 collected - $70 league cost = $650 remaining

Playoffs and Payouts -
6 teams make the playoffs
Playoff weeks 14, 15, 16

Top 4 division winners
Next best record is wildcard #1
Most points is wildcard #2 out of the remaining teams
Divisions will be re-ordered each year

Top 2 spots on bye first week
Week 14
Seed 6 vs Seed 3 - Game 1
Seed 5 vs Seed 4 - Game 2

Week 15
Winner of Game 1 plays Seed 1 - Game 3
Winner of Game 2 plays Seed 2 - Game 4

Week 16
Champ - Winner of Game 3 plays Winner of Game 4
3rd place - Loser of Game 3 from Playoff Bracket vs Loser of Game 4 from Playoffs Bracket

Weekly winners for 16 weeks - $10 team that scores the most points. The $10 pay out during the playoff weeks will be only for the teams NOT in the playoffs. This allows teams that didn’t make the playoffs a shot a little cash.

Playoff Payouts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
1st - 330
2nd - 100
3rd - 60

Draft -
1 draft for vets. 1 draft for rookies.
Both draft types will be Email Auction. We can decide on how long the timer runs, but I am thinking somewhere around 8-12 hours. It will be suspended overnight. We can also decide on how many players can be nominated at the same time. Everyone gets the same “monopoly” money to bid. Proxy bidding will be turned on.

All rookie drafts after this initial draft will be last to first, unless of course you trade a pick

Communications -
We’ll use the sleeper app. Please reply with your email if you’re interested! Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks.

Ok everyone… we have 7 players so far. Need 5 more…

Great! Now we have 8. Need 4 more.

myself and my friend are interested

emails are


Ok, right now the league is full but will take a few names for a waiting list in case someone changes their mind. count me in if you end up needing a replacement