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New Team Defensive Scoring


Yo. I just eliminated offensive yards and points from team defensive scoring. I play on ESPN and added some defensive scoring options to replace the yards and points, and hopefully make defense more interesting and predictable. However, I’m not sure if the point break down will result in too many defensive points. Maybe someone with a better familiarity with defensive stats can offer an opinion… or just let me know what you think about this setup. Below is what I’ve added, all other defensive scoring is standard (Sacks, INTTD, FR, etc…). Thanks!

  • 1 kickoff return yard = 0.04
  • 1 punt return yard = 0.04
  • 1 tackle = 0.1
  • 1 Forced Fumble = 1
  • 1 Stuff = 0.5
  • 1 Pass Defensed = 1