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New To Auction draft


What’s up footclan!?! I just joined a 14 team 1/2 pt PPR auction league. We get 3 keepers and mine were grandfathered to me by the old team that departed this league. I have Matt Ryan, Donte Montcrief and Melvin Gordon and they will cost me 44$ of my total 200$ budget.
So, the question is what should my budget strategy be for this draft? They only roster 5 players not including K, D, and QB. 1 RB, 1 W/T, and basically 3 W/R/T. That’s right, they count TE as WR. I’ve never done an auction draft, but with such a small starting lineup I’m thinking spending a large portion of my budget to get tier 1-3 guys is my best bet, and going for WR’s is also a good strategy since they go cheaper and produce more (and it’s 1/2 pt ppr).

Thanks for the input and this show is awesome!


Question… Did you get to choose the keepers or did the league choose them for you.

If you didn’t get to pick id kindly ask the league for the roster and prices and maybe post that and we can help you decide who to keep.

If your stuck with those players no matter what. Then I need some more info to better help

Could you clarify starting lineup so I can better help?
Is it

How many bench?


there were 5 of us who got to snake draft our keepers from the teams that lost their managers. So those are the ones I picked from what was available considering their salaries.
So, that gives me 3 players to start.

the lineup is just like you put it
QB - Matt Ryan 8$
RB - Melvin Gordon 33$
WR/TE - ?
flex - ?
flex - ?
flex - ?
Bench = 5 - 7? can’t seem to find it in their league settings. They are using Myfantasyleague.com and it’s not the best website I’ve ever seen.

My question is out of the $156 I have left to spend, what should I budget and target for the WR/TE and 3 flex spots in a 1/2 pt ppr league. Gordon is a pretty decent RB, and I only have to have 1 dependable one but should probably have at least 4 rb?


We get 100$ FAB for the rest of the season


I had a similar budget… $160 of $200 but I had OBJ, ajayi and Gurley as keepers.

I went $65 for DJ
Also got Baldwin and Keenan allen for around $27-30 each.
Also got Mcaffery for$16
Then the rest of my bench was upside $1 players… Like Corey colemann, Theo riddick, Jordan matthews.

So with that much budget id def go big on either DJ or antonio brown… Then get 2 mid round WR since it is ppr.