New to Dynasty and Draft Pick Trading

Hey anyone, starting our dynasty league and we have our draft in a month. We are able to trade picks and I am at #2 but I would like to draft Saquon Barkley but feel that I could trade down and still get him. Thinking maybe I could trade down to 4 or 5 and maybe snag an earlier pick or something.

My questions are is Saquon worth the #2 overall pick?
If I wanted to make a trade, what would be a realistic trade package? In our league we can trade specific picks.

I am also new to dynasty and draft pick trading so I guess I am looking for some pointers and/or good strategies for my draft.

We did a Dynasty Start-Up last year and Zeke went 1 overall. I think you’d pencil in DJ, Gurley, AB, OBJ and Bell along with Barkley in that top end of the round. The only guy I don’t like here is Bell because of his situation and acrimony with the Steelers. Of course, he is still only 26. When I gauge trades for picks, I always consider my options if the guy I’m after gets picked. With that in mind, I wouldn’t trade back to more than 6 or 7 since Barkley is the new hotness. A fair trade to me would be the 1.02 for the 1.06 and the 2.06 or a future 1st. You may even get better offers if some owners are new to the format. I always target future 2nd round picks as throw-ins. However, if Barkley is your guy, take him. There is no reason to doubt that choice in my opinion either. It basically comes down to how much you are willing to settle for a guy that’s not Barkley and who that is. If this is a snake draft, it could work even better so you don’t have such a long wait on 1-2 turn.

I gotta agree with Never Go Full PPR. If he’s your guy and you can’t trade down, draft him at two. I usually like to build around WRs in the early rounds since they will be in the league longer and their prime will last longer, but Barkley is most likely going to turn into a top RB (maybe even this year).

If you can trade down, I’d do that instantly. Get an extra third/fourth/fifth round pick in the startup draft or a second and/or first round in next years rookie draft. Highly doubt you’ll be able to get a second round pick in the startup draft for just moving up four picks but it’s always worth a try. Don’t be afraid to take a chance!!!

Throw in’s are great! Ask for a little more but don’t get a reputation for trying to rip teams off!

Lastly, if you can get 1.05 or 1.04, I’d do that before 1.06. It’d suck to make the trade then Barkley not be there.

Welcome to Dynasty!!!

@fajer12 @Never_Go_Full_PPR

Thanks for the input. I agree with you both and was eyeing pick 4 or 5. What do you think would be a fair deal for both of us? Again I am new to this but what do you think if I traded (round.pick) 1.2 & 3.2 for 1.5 & 2.6? What would be something worth the ask?

Also in your leagues do people make deals during the draft and say to the guy at pick 5 (Rams fan)…".Look if Saquon falls to you would you be open to trading for Gurley (Assuming I got him at #2) ? It’s been agreed and can be completed post draft? I’m pretty sure they do that in real life.

Curious to know your thoughts. Trading is something I love but yeah I don’t want to alienate anyone at the start up with weak one-sided proposals.

The Dynasty League’s potential is crazy! I am very excited. Thanks again!

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Yeah, that sounds like a fair trade to me. Maybe throw out your fourth round pick instead of the third first. You could even start with a 2019 2nd rounder and see if he/she bites :wink:

I’ve never witnessed or been apart of a deal like that. That could be really risky.

Definitely do not draft Saquon at 1.02 overall. You can trade back and get him unless you have one of those unreasonable guys in the league who is willing to take him in the top 6. If you do, then rejoice because that means value falls to you. I totally disagree with the rankings above. In dynasty format, especially any ppr formats, OBJ and Nuk are 1.01 and 1.02. I personally rank OBJ first but some others like Zeke. After them, you can probably expect Gurley and Zeke to go given their age. And then after that gets a bit murky. I’ve seen Saquon go at 1.05, which I think is way too early. Would rather have DJ/Bell above him. If you want to be aggressive, try trading down to the 1.06 spot. That’s 1 or 2 spots higher than I would take him and people should be taking him personally. In the best case scenario, you are hoping for him becoming what DJ already is so it’s absurd to me that people are drafting him as such already given he hasn’t stepped foot on an NFL field yet. If you are that in love with him and really really want to make sure you secure him, I’d try and get the 1.05.

In terms of getting compensation, something like the swap you outlined is pretty reasonable where you swap picks in the 1st and then swap picks in the 2nd/3rd along with a future draft pick juicer. Given you’re only moving 4 spots, wouldn’t go to crazy but you can always throw out a feeler like a 2019 1st to see if they do it. If you got 1.05 and a 2019 1st, that would be pretty good as well.

And with regards to @Never_Go_Full_PPR above, that is drastically overpaying. If you get a 1st and a 2nd in a startup to move up 3 spots, the manager on the other side is either incompetent or blind or both. And then asking for a future draft pick on top of that? That is insane. If you’re league is not really competitive and you’re going for a trade rape, then sure propose the trade he outlined. In no world should anyone be giving up a 1st and a 2nd in a startup to move up 3 slots, its completely asinine. If i got that as a trade proposal in a league, would be insulted and probably not even engage in trade talks cause its pointless. If you truly want to trade in dynasty, be reasonable. Try and get a deal ofcourse but don’t go trying to trade rape everyone every time. Cause long term, people will just stop dealing with you.

This is great. We need more guys like you in the leagues. Would love to be in a league with you. Someone who is rational and actually wants to get deals done rather than just go around trying to rip people off. That stuff gets old real quick.

@MikeMeUpp- “A fair trade to me would be the 1.02 for the 1.06 and the 2.06 OR a future 1st. You may even get better offers if some owners are new to the format. I always target future 2nd round picks as throw-ins.”

Why are you not looking for the upper hand in a future draft? Yes, you want to be fair but part of that is being more prepared than the other owners. Isn’t that why we post in forums?

Also, what rankings? I didn’t rank anyone. I just gave a rough top 7 or so.

Whether a trade offer insults you personally is of no consequence to the discussion. The only way to gauge the trade climate in a new league is to make offers and why not be the one to set that climate instead of waiting for lesser offers? The balance will happen after time for sure but why not get a head start?

@CouchLeague_Commish- We have an owner who repeatedly trades his whole draft for one player. So far, that’s been Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, Zeke, Martellus Bennett and Keenan Allen. No matter how that strategy has blown up, he keeps doing it. And he’s been in this league 11 years. My point is to try to set the market instead of following it. You never know… Good hunting!

Got it. Then would agree with you on the rankings. Although I think you left out Nuk. Other than that, agree with who would go above barkley.

You said a “fair trade”. That is nowhere near a fair trade. 2.06 in a startup is worth much more than a future 1st so those terms aren’t really interchangeable. If you started with saying, yeah you should start super high and ask for 1.06 and the 2.07 (wouldn’t be 2.06 given snake format), then sure. But the fact that you said you think a fair trade would be 1.06 + 2.06 is what threw me off. This guy is asking for advice to actually get a trade done and if that’s his value benchmark, his chances of getting a successful trade done are slim to none. On the other hand, if the writer had no intentions of trading down and was only looking for some ridiculous offer to really blow him out of the water, then that’s where your 1.06 and 2.07 offer might come into play.

As I explained, you need to gauge your league. If they are knowledgeable, and you are the type that consistently sends insulting offers to try and lowball the crap out of people, that will become your rep and eventually, people will stop dealing with you. They will think of you as the guy always looking for a steal rather than someone to trade with. So when you do put players on trading block or others have players to trade, you will be an afterthought. And as the author wrote above, he doesn’t want to alienate others with weak one-sided proposals. Which is exactly what your proposal would have been.

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Fair enough. And you’re totally correct! I have owners in every league that I won’t trade with and some that I just offer equally ridiculous offers to instead of bothering explaining their bad offer.

@CouchLeague_Commish- I also forgot to mention that Fantasypros has a dynasty trade calculator which is not foolproof but does help make fair trades. You can enter picks but you can also enter the players you want with those picks to calculate a fair trade. I use it all the time. Pro tip: If an owner has to go to great length to explain why their offer is fair, it isn’t.

@MikeMeUpp @Never_Go_Full_PPR @fajer12

Thanks for the feedback. I actually commission 4 leagues and I have gotten better with my trade proposals. As a Commish sometimes I throw out ridiculous low ball offers just to gage their activity and interest. With this Dynasty league, the people in this league are very into it and all were handpicked for their year round interest. So I wouldn’t be lowballing anyone in this league.

I actually put out feelers to the league letting them know I am open to trade out of the #2 spot. Thanks for giving me the big advice on this whole thing.

If you had the #2 who would you take in a start up league if the draft was today? Let’s assume the #1 picked the guy you didn’t want, who would you go with? Also, I’m curious to know what people’s strategies are for when building a roster. It sounds like WR in the first is something I should think about but I’m curious about the strategy going into the draft. I’ve been a let the draft come to me kind of guy but it’s only because in snake I somehow never get top 5. This is undiscovered country for me here.

For reference this is a 6pt Passing TD, .5pt PPR league, and if it helps there is a 3pt bonus for RB to rush over 100 yards to give you an idea how this league is.

Thanks for the responses everyone. This is pretty cool of you all to respond, I didn’t realize how many people really read my posts ha

In dynasty formats, WRs are typically worth more given they have a much longer shelf life and RBs positions are much easier to replace in rookie drafts while picking a successful WR is extremely difficult (i.e. Ross, Davis, Williams, etc vs. Hunt, Fournette, Zeke). That is why you should be picking WRs a lot more in the 1st round. As I mentioned above, sitting at the 1.02, if my #1 choice is taken which is OBJ, I would grab Nuk who is my 1.02. Same age as OBJ, tied to a pretty good situation and young/rising QB. Is the undisputed #1 target on that team, including the redzone. A lot of people have OBJ and Nuk as interchangeable, I think a lot even have Nuk ranked as the #1. Personally, I just think OBJ is a much better talent and has proven it every single year which is why I would have him. In all leagues where I got the 1.01, I have taken OBJ if there were no trade offers I like.

Having said all that, I have definitely seen people snag top RBs instead of OBJ. I’ve seen OBJ/Nuk sometimes fall to the 1.03-1.05 which is almost criminal. If I was sitting at 1.04-1.05 and I got OBJ or Nuk (which happened in one league), I would be ecstatic. I’ve seen Gurley go 1.01 a lot, and Zeke go in the top 3 as well. But usually, the top 1.01 to 1.04 is some combo of Zeke/gurley/obj/nuk if your in a competitive league. I’ve also seen Bell/DJ sneak into those ranks as well. Which is why I said if you really want to get the most value, I would try and move down to the 1.06-1.07 and hope saquon falls to you. And if not, you’ll get decent value anyways. But if you’re a Saquon lover and really want him badly, try moving to the 1.05 and getting back a next year 1st in return or swaps in latter rounds + 2nd/3rd or something along those lines.

Is there also 3 point bonus for 100 yard receiving? If not, then this would push up Zeke on my board. Zeke is almost a showin for 100 yards a game.

Yeah, we all have those guys in our leagues unfortunately. You don’t want to end up being that guy. In redraft, it’s whatever cause it’s only a year. But in dynasty, you want to build long term trading partnerships so it really screws you over.

There is also the DTC which is dynasty trade calculator. But I would be careful with using this. I’ve been on the receiving end of some trade offers where guys quote my the trade calculator where its like 3 average / bench players for your stud simply because the 3 added together equal the top stud. I think DTC is more useful when trying to compare 1 to 1 player for player. But when you start mixing and matching, I see it used more as a way to justify terrible trade offers, than to actually validate good/fair trades.

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Couldn’t agree more. DTC and all trade calculators are for one to one comparisons, not for complex trades in my opinion. You can usually pair up assets that are apart of the trade from each side and then compare them in a DTC. Then combine the results to see if the trade is fair. Use your own judgment and trust it!

Also, I haven’t used a trade calculator for a year so they could have improved.

^^^so frickin’ true and I can’t stand when people do it.

I would agree with @MikeMeUpp on the pick. The other upside to a WR with a longer shelf life is that you can get a stud now and keep that productivity (all things being equal) rather than projecting an RB. Also, while last year was a down year for WR, there does seem to be a much bigger drop from the top WR1 tier to the WR2 tier. Next year’s draft will be stacked at WR too so you could build a super strong base of talent at that position. If you want to win now, I would tweak that because RB’s will go early and often in start-up. If I had #2, I’d go Brown or OBJ and swing back and get RB’s in round 2 & 3 or Evans or Adams if you really want that WR on lock. If RB’s go flying off the board then you may have to re-think. An extra 3rd could be awesome if you want to trade back for Barkley. 1/2 pt. PPR does factor as it makes target monster WR1’s that much more valuable and slot guys a bit less valuable.

Wow honestly I’m kind of in win now mode but the WR base is intriguing. I honestly was thinking of going RB, RB, RB and make that my foundation and take chances on the Marvin Jones of the world.

In an update on the trade situation the talk of swapping the #2 spot for #5 (full draft position swap) but would it be ridiculous to ask for next years 1st round rookie pick? Better yet is it better to just trade pick 1.2 only for 1.5 and his next year’s first round pick?

I never draft in the top 4 ever so drafting this early is so foreign to me. I’m always used to the 8-12 range. There are guys looking to trade up but I feel like the 4-6 range is something to work with. Not many people like the middle though.

I would say aim for their 4th this year or 1st next year. Don’t be surprised if they say no to giving up their 1st next year. Look where rookies would start going in your start-up draft and evaluate if you’d rather have a pick near your start up 4th, 5th or 6th round or a rookie 1st. I personally would rather have an additional pick in a start-up and it would probably be easier to acquire. This rookie class runs fairly deep compared to most because of the QB’s. You could start with Barkley and very feasibly get Ajayi, Guice, Michel, Penney or Ingram (win now mode) while grabbing WR’s in rounds 2 and 3. However, if the draft tilts, the extra start up 4th mitigates some of that risk. In a superflex dynasty start up last year, I went DJ, Shady and Ajayi and grabbed Jefferey and Pryor as my WR’s (Yeah, Pryor, I know). Of course guys were pushed ahead because of noob QB first owners, but with an extra 4th, I could have gotten Crabtree, Marvin, etc. to provide some depth. Probably would have taken Howard instead of Shady. I was picking 8th. I would advise that even in win now mode, I’d steer clear of RB’s with only one or two years of gas left. The position is as deep and young as it ever has been so there’s no need. Just my two cents. It really all depends on how the draft flows. Don’t trade your 1sts or 2nds in future drafts though. That can sink you real fast if you’re not completely loaded and young.

If he is making the offer to swap, he probably wants it so you should definitely charge something. Next year 1st seems kind of steep because you are basically asking him to give up his best draft capital to swap positions which were generated based on a completely random basis (I’m assuming you guys did random number generator). However, no harm in starting with that and seeing what he says.

@Never_Go_Full_PPR you can ask for that, but that is even more steep than a next year 1st. A 4th rounder in a startup is extremely valuable. That is where the top non-barkley assets should be going (guice, michel, etc). So you’re basically asking them to give up a super early 1st rounder of 2018 rookie draft to again, swap positions based on something completely random.

If you could even just a 7th-8th rounder, I would do that trade. That’s where the lower 1st round picks from this year should be going (i.e. top receivers not named DJ moore).

But honestly, I personally feel much more comfortable drafting from 1.05 anyways so I would even just do a swap straight up. So anything I get on top of that is gravy. Even getting next year 2nd and 3rd would be fine for me too cause you can always use those assets to move up.

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Hey everyone, just wanted to give you an update on how my dynasty draft went. I ended up trading back to #5 and #20 (basically flip flopping first two rounds). I ended up with Kamara, Julio, Keenan, Engram, and Josh Gordon as my first couple of picks. Some notables I picked up Guice for an IR spot. RBs went fast so I had to scramble for RB2 which is kind of a RB2BC and have Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, and Marshawn (who I think was a great value in round 13). Anyhoo thanks for you help.

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