New to dynasty. Help!

12 team, PPR, TE premium, superflex.

We just had our startup draft a couple months ago and I don’t think I’ll have a big chance to compete this year. I just got an offer to trade away Davante Adams for a 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, and 2023 1st. Should I do it, or wait since the league just started? I’m new to dynasty so I don’t fully know yet how values are.

I could ask them for other players. They have Kelce and Waller, though I doubt they’d give them up. The only other player I’d want would be Herbert. If I could get Herbert with picks should I do it?


No one else has replied, so I will. I am fairly new to dynasty as well. Last year was my first year. I perceived early on that I wasn’t going to win last year, so I began to strategically trade away some good assets. I basically tried to keep some of my better young players, and I also had a stockpile of QB’s that I began to trade away as injuries and situations changed (For example, I traded away Wentz, Tannehill, and Newton). Eventually, I ended up with 7 of the first 10 picks in our rookie draft this year. I finished 7th (out of 14) last year. Now, I am possibly going to contend this year, but I should be in good position for a couple of years after 2021. Bottom line…Adams is the kind of player that I would trade away now in your situation. If you can get those 3 draft picks…do it. However, I also like the idea of getting Herbert, plus a draft pick or two. (If you can get that 2023 first rounder, plus Herbert for example). But if you can add that 2nd rounder next year…shoot high and let the other guy talk you down to what you are comfortable with.

FYI, my current QB’s are Herbert, Fields and Darnold. I’m feeling pretty good about things, since I think Fields is going to make a fine pro. My league is 1QB

Thanks much for the help! I’ll try to see what else I can get. So basically take the hit this year of being crappy by trading away all my non-young good players to build up draft picks and hopefully compete starting next year?

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Adams will be good this season and likely for a few, but he doesn’t offer long-term, If you are going into full rebuild, like I did, players like that are perfect to deal now. I’m already considering trading away Chubb, Woods, and Mark Andrews next off-season. I’m going to look at things, but I want capitalize on their value before they drop off.

Plus, by doing poorly this year, you will get a better draft pick next year. You’re not tanking, you’re strategically depleting your team for future success!

Fair enough. I have CMC who I was thinking on trading in a year or two. I also have Tannehill who I’d probably send away sometime during this year.

I’d ask for more but I’d be willing to settle if they won’t budge. I’d be selling it as I send you Adams you win. A starting point of Kelce Adams in ppr te premium even ignoring superflex and rb still should be a huge advantage.

But I have a question on your opponent, I see its TE premium but Kelce and waller seems overkill for bye week cover. Its only the actual te designation that gets premium right? If so I’m wondering what depth they have at rb. As my initial reaction is it can’t be great. It seems that they have a team with quality but it’s not shared appropriately among positions. And in that case I love it as sending elite talent for a huge haul whilst they can’t compete sets your rebuild on an even stronger setting.

But what is your full roster? Cmc and Adams feels like too good a start even in superflex te premium to sell guys off. You could be ready now

Correct, their RBs are not good. Below is their roster. As for the TE question, this is my first time doing TE premium so I’m not sure if the premium is for only players in the TE position slot, or if any player has a TE designation gets the premium.

My roster is below. I don’t have much depth because I traded for future picks in the start up draft. In a way I kinda screwed myself over because I don’t have much depth to compete, but I also have some pretty solid starters.

I think it’s thankfully only giving the premium to thd guy in TE slot which makes him having Kelce and waller redundant. I’ll also say his attempt to trade for Adams looks like overkill too. He really needs to be going after rb but that’s his issue.

If you decide to sell Adams I think you should try for Herbert as you never know. Doubt he goes for it but ask away. Either way try to get a little more out of him.

I worry he has a trade ready on the side to move waller or Kelce for rb options that would make 2022 picks pretty poor though. Hard to see anybody go into a season that loaded in talent and go with Hunt and hines as primary rb options and expect to be successful although the league is heavily weighted to limit value of rb in my opinion.

@brian_jking and @Mr_Wind-up_Bird would it be “bad” in any way if I trade away my second round start-up pick in Adams before the first season of the dynasty league, even if I don’t think I’ll contend this year? I’m looking at the other teams in the league again and I highly doubt I’ll have a big chance to even make the playoffs, but is there any issue in any way if I do that? Thanks!

I’m not opposed to selling guys if you can get a haul that allows you to go harder in the direction you want to.

But I’ll add with Adams, selling him isn’t something you need to rush. If he’s still on your roster near deadline you might find a team willing to give away the farm. Even next off season there will be at least one owner who wants to give lots for him.

@Mr_Wind-up_Bird I guess I didn’t think of holding him until the deadline. Of course it depends, but I assume you’d think he could be worth more at the deadline vs right now?

Do the slight question marks of Adams (and even Rodgers) future in Green Bay concern you?

I know that dynasty requires much more patience to be good than a re-draft league, but since I’m new to it, I’m not sure if I’m just being impatient, giddy for the upcoming season, or if trading Adams right now is actually a good idea.

The reason I wouldn’t be concerned at holding for now is near the deadline a contender will look at rivals and panic they’ve not got enough. If you’re lucky a few get the fear. Dynasty is long term but if you get in contention you become blinkered to the season you’re in as potentially it might be your only shot for a while. Domination is a target but realistically just winning it will do.

You’re in a position of strength with Adams even though you’re keen to move him as you decide when he goes. Unless he gets hurt I don’t see his value slipping particularly soon.

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Hey, it’s your team. If you really think you aren’t in a position to contend this year, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trading away anyone that will help you build a team that you think will win you a title in the near future.


That all makes sense. Thank you much for the help! I really appreciate it!

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Big chain so I’m sure you don’t need much more advice, my only comment that I think gets overlooked in dynasty too often, is let’s say you get a really good rookie, you hope he’s the number 1 wide reciever, but he might not be? He might be nkeal Harry, or John Ross

Why trade davante Adams for a player you hope will be as good as davante Adams? Draft picks are good when you have multiple holes in your team, but I’ll take the proven player over picks all day, not many players make it to the top of the pyramid in fantasy, most end up somewhere in the middle

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