New to dynasty. Looking for advice

I’m brand new to dynasty, took over a bad team and looking to rebuild. It’s a salary cap league, ppr, 1qb, 4 points per pass td with 2 bonus pts for tds over 49 yards, 6 points for any other td. It’s a salary league, with pretty standard roster requirements. I have no qbs under contract, 2 RBs in Cook and Mack, some mediocre WRs in Landry (1 year remaining), Mike Williams, Coutee etc. Njoku my tight end. I own picks 1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 2.5, 3.1, 3:5, 4:5. I know for a fact that Jacobs, Montgomery and sanders are going 1-2-3, and in my situation of rebuilding I don’t know that i love the prospects of Harry without Brady in a year or two when I’m hoping to be contending. What should I do with picks 4 and 5? Am I crazy to consider taking Murray so that I’m set at QB for a few years at a cheap price? Looking for sone direction here, thanks!

no qbs under contract i would lock murry up, then take your shot at wide receiver harry is the pick but if you dont love him go Metcalf/campbell/hollywood…everything is speculation and any one of them could hit…

Ideally you dont love harry but some one does so trade back grab extra picks then take your guy you like or 2020 picks for your continued rebuild.

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That’s exactly the plan I was hoping to pull off. Take Murray at 4, and trade back a few spots and take Hollywood Brown. I know that the guy at #8 has interest in the 5th pick and I’m sure that will increase when Harry is there to be taken.

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Murray at 4 and then its up in the air. You could go AJ, Campbell, DK. You might be able to trade back and grab a couple flyer guys but I would keep your first 4 picks, then maybe trade the rest of them up or down, See what you can get out of them.

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You don’t like marquise brown in that group of WRs? I feel like he may be the most talented wr overall but in a questionable situation…although I do believe in Jackson and the ravens to put him in a position to succeed. It’s a tough call among these WRs

N’Keal Harry at 1.04 is a no brainer. He’s the 1.01 in dynasty. You could definitely take Kyler Murray at 1.05 and be fine considering your roster situation.

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But I think it’s fair to question whether he’s the most talented wr in this class…and after Brady retires what would I have? Obviously he’s probably in the best situation to succeed for the first 1-2 years, but my team may not be in a position where that even matters. The guy who owns 1.08 said he’d be willing to give 1.08 and 2.08 for 1.05…not sure if that’s worth it

Absolutely, if Brady retires after this season it isn’t as appealing. Moving down 3 spots in the first is big, I’d probably reject that trade in a vacuum. You’d be gambling no one wants Murray in that range and you are in big need of a start now QB so you kinda need to get him imo.

If you are really worried about Harry’s future, draft him and trade him to another league mate if possible. Or you could trade the pick and hope he falls to you at 1.05.

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What I would do is take Murray at 4 since I want him either way…so I’ll secure him and make pick 5 (with Harry on the board) available for trade. The guy who has pick 1.08 already expressed interest in the 5th pick and offered 1.08 and 2.08 for it. I think I’d rather have 1.08 and a future first though. I also think 1.08 is a good spot to grab a Marquise brown, Aj brown or Campbell whereas 1.05 would’ve been a reach