New to dynasty…need help

Hey everyone,
I’m new to the dynasty game and was given the #4 pick in a 12 team 0.5 ppr league. Just curious in knowing what 5 players (veterans, not rookies) I should be looking at. Thanks for the help.

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Assuming this is only 1QB I’d be looking at Jonathan Taylor, D’Andre Swift, Ja’Marr Chase, Najee Harris or Kyle Pitts

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That was super helpful. Thanks! I might aim for Harris or chase with the 4th. Just checking because I’m new to dynasty but it makes more sense to pick a chase or pitts at 4 then a Derrick Henry or cmc due to age? Thanks again

My top 5 dynasty startup picks in order are:
Jonathan Taylor, Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Najee Harris, CeeDee Lamb


Thanks. The more I’m thinking about it I might go chase or najee at the 4 spot…in dynasty is it normal to take a player like that over a Derrick Henry or cmc?

In Dynasty, young and talent are the main factors when determining players to draft.

However, you cannot think too far ahead when selecting players. A 2-3 year window on players is a good length when selecting players.

Now obviously, older vets that fall in the draft for value is still fine to take, but mostly in dynasty you want younger players that will be fantasy relevant for that 2-3 years ahead, with a mix of 1-2 year fantasy relevant vets that can help out now.

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Yeah that’s what it’s sounding like. It makes sense, just new to a re-drafter for myself, but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the help!

Definitely down with this list

Would you throw deandre swift in that list as well? Thanks

Jonathan Taylor, Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Najee Harris, CeeDee Lamb, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, Javonte Williams, DK Metcalf, Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp, Kyle Pitts, D’Andre Swift

This would be my rankings as of this minute. Not a reflection of Dynasty ADP.

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Thanks…with the 4th pick I’m thinking of chase, Jefferson or Harris. I would like Taylor but he won’t be around…random thought…with Big Ben retiring does Harris’s value decline?

I don’t think the lack of Ben R will decrease the value of Najee Harris. Almost any QB would be a better situation.

Further, the Steelers (Mike Tomlin) has been pretty consistent over the years with the amount of opportunity they afford the RB position despite having multiple OCs.


I’d be targeting Chase or Jefferson. Even though you try to look at 2-3 year windows those two should be elite for longer. You might be able to go through 2 cycles of rbs before they age out.

Yeah thanks…that’s what my plan is, but not sure if I can get either with the #4 pick…figured Taylor goes first, Jefferson goes second, maybe chase drops to me at 4…if not then I’ll go with Harris I guess

Will you draft for vets and rookies? I am new to dynasty and am starting a league this next season. Wondering if you will be doing an auction-style draft?

I’m not the commissioner of the league, but we are doing a typical draft not an auction. He also is doing two separate drafts a vet one and a rookie one

Will they both be done around the same time? I am trying to gauge when to draft and if to do both at the same time. I think it would be cool to draft around when the NFL does their draft.

Vet draft is day after super bowl and rookie draft is few days after nfl draft

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