New to Dynasty need set up advice

I’ve been asked to be the commissioner for a dynasty league in Fleaflicker. Any advice for the set up? How many players allowed per position? How many players to keep per season?

There are several topics in this forum with people asking the same question. I would suggest doing a search rather than rehashing it all here.

What I will suggest is to download and binge the Commission Impossible podcast. Dedicated to setup and administration of dynasty leagues.

I just set up a dynasty league and I’ll have many questions I need answers to also. I just listened to the latest Commission: Impossible episode and had listened to one earlier. Looks like a good resource. I also subscribed to and hope to gain valuable advice.

In their rankings I noticed some real differences in individual rankings. Mahomes was as high as #2 and as low as #28 in a Superflex dynasty ranking.