New to dynasty, tips for first draft?

I’ll be joining my first dynasty league this year, and want some tips for my first draft (vets and rookies in one start up). All offense, either ballers preferred settings or a very similar format.

Just looking for general start up draft advice, or even just general dynasty advice in general. Thanks!

The first item would be type of strategy you want to follow: win now or build for the future. If win now, good veteran players (with a couple years left) would be your focus (Lynch, Big Ben, Gronk as example). If build for the future, you would focus more on good younger players (Hunt, Kamara, Watson as examples), Your bench is critical for sustained winning performance. After the first year of a dynasty start up, the rookie draft is also critical for keeping your player pipeline filled.

Obviously, the ideal strategy is a mix of good veteran players and younger players. Trades become absolute necessities in a dynasty league. They can be used to improve a team’s weakness with players from your strong areas (using excess WRs to bolster RB’s).

If it is a standard league, RBs should be your first priority. If PPR, WRs are more important.

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I find most people approach dynasty with mentality “I get to keep players forever”. Which can turn into “I will keep players forever”. When drafting Barkley in the first, you may think to yourself “Yes, I have him for the next 8-10 years!” I found that this was troubling for me.

In my first dynasty league, I built my team at the draft and performed almost no trades that year. Those were my players. It was difficult for me to let go of players I was attached too. Guys I drafted that could be the next big thing. In my second year I was able to relax and notice that players were being swapped around me at a rapid pace. It really made me realize that players are not kept forever. I saw virtually everyone from a round 1 startup swap teams. The Franchise owners willing to make trades and take risks with the intent to improve their team are the most successful. That’s not to say that no one has ever kepts a rookie they drafted to day they retire. But this is not the vast majority.

Second year I made some pretty major trades.

Traded away Gronk for Gurley. (summer of 2017. Even asked the Ballers and they recommended against it.)
Traded away Hunter Henry, Dalvin Cook and Devante Parker for OBJ.
Traded away 2018 1st, Spencer Ware, Zay Jones and James Connor for LeSean McCoy.

Cook and Ware were guys that I have invested in. Hard to give up. The upside is that I won the league in 2017.

You don’t keep players forever in dynasty.


Thanks man! Really appreciate the advice. I’m going to do a ton of mocks and keep your advice in mind

Love the advice man, thank you. I’ll make sure I stay open to trades and stay aggressive