New to dynasty. Trade help

My team is hurting with injuries right now and the person really wants Fields.

The offer is Goff, Devonta Smith, Mooney and OBJ

For my

Fields, Pittman, JuJu and Kirk

Was thinking of countering and going

My Fields, JuJu, Robby Anderson and Kirk

For Trask, DeVonta Smith and Mooney.

Do you think that’s fair counter?

That’s a big trade, but I do not like the offer for you. Fields >>> Goff in dynasty, and I’d say Smith is roughly equivalent to Pittman, JuJu is similar to Mooney in my opinion, and Kirk is probably similar to OBJ in dynasty value. I think you need to get more for giving up fields and I don’t really see how that trade helps you much right now - you get 1 additional playable guy in Mooney. I actually think that counter is even worse for you though. Fields should be valued as a top 10 QB in dynasty. If this is SF, that means extremely high value. So really SF or not is the big question.

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2 quarter back league with 2 super flex

So you could be playing up to 4 QBs each week? If I understand correctly, that means QBs should be valued even higher. Ideally you WANT to be playing 4 starting QBs each week in that scenario, which is obviously impossible for half the league to do. If you’re giving up Fields, it would mean you are really hurting in a different position, and I would want a starting QB back like Goff, and then a major upgrade at a different position, like a clear WR2/3->WR1 upgrade, or similar at RB. Smith and Mooney are fine dynasty WRs but I think you are heavily undervaluing young promising QBs like Fields. Trask is a taxi squad player for the next 2 years at least, so I value him very low on the QB scale.

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Thanks dude! Yeah we play 4 QB a week. This is a 6 team dynasty so we have pretty big rosters.

I have Hurts, Darnold, Jones, Lock, Minshew, Tannehill, Big Ben and Jordan Love.

The person making the offer has Murray, Burrow, Stafford, Goff, Winston, Haskins, Eason and Trask.

After looking at it, you’re probably right that Fields has more value long term.

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