New to Dynasty!

Hey! I just had my first Dynasty draft. I am in a 12 team ppr super flex with 3 taxi slots. Attached is my team that I drafted. I’m looking to trade for a rookie or young QB as the Goat will only get me so far. Where do you think I have room to make a trade without too much disruption to what I drafted? Is trading drafts picks away in year one a bad move?


I would say don’t be in a rush to get a young QB on your roster. You’ll likely have to give up a lot. Your team is in good shape for this year and has decent depth. Depth is most important in dynasty so I wouldn’t give that up this early. I think I would wait until after the season and see if your 1st round pick is high enough to get a promising QB in next year’s rookie draft. If not try to trade up at that point since it’ll cost you less.

This is just my opinion, but I hope it helps!


I pretty much agree with @jordanmasaru on this. However should you want to act now, here are my thoughts for that. FWIW, in SF dynasty QB is the only place I pay up. All the other positions get sorted through drafts / trades. Depth is key as @jordanmasaru points out. You can build depth through trades / picks. Giving up multiple depth pieces for a single piece is almost never a good move, minus some specific scenarios.

However, if you are still thinking you want a youngish QB, this is what I’d consider. The rookie class this year is better than most are thinking IMHO, but if they were great they’d have gone sooner. I’m not sure what happened, but I think if you get a cheap dart throw on Howell / Ridder / Corral it’s not a bad shot to take. IF, and it’s a big IF, you want to move on them I’d actually move now before they win the job. Once they do they will become too costly. I’d try not moving picks if possible but I’d think a 2nd should land any of them.

Moving picks is not a bad thing, but ATM I’d move them closer to the draft when people see who is still sitting on the board. That’s where you’ll see better returns. For me, I only move picks in year one if I drafted a team that I feel confident is win now and I want to secure pieces to make it happen. More often I’m trading back to gather more pieces and sort of punting the first year. But you really need to do that before the draft starts. It’s tougher to do after the draft.

I do think you’ll need QB, but probably not this season. I like Winston but I cannot say I’m confident in him. I wish I could, though, because his upside is definitely there. I’m not as high on next year’s QB as many people, but it’s sounding like you’ll need a top 3 pick to land one of the top two. IMHO it’s too early to know who will have that slot so trading for picks is tough as well. You could look at rosters but FF is so much randomness you really never know.

To that point, if 23 becomes what many think it could be moving up will cost so much. IF you plan on that route for QB, I’d do what you could right now to get any and all 23 picks. You’re going to overpay to move up once the clock starts, and the picks will cost increasingly more as the draft gets closer. Now through early season could provide windows for pick values. Don’t be affraid of 2nds. RN 23 2nds are far easier to get, and a stack of those with whatever 1st you have could give your the ammo. Clearly 1sts if you can, but don’t think a 2nd has no value.

I would think you could move some of your young unproven WR depth to get a QB if you wanted. Just know you’ll likely not be getting a top 5 QB. You’ll be looking at a back end QB. Adding in picks would help bump that up, but I do not know that is a smart move right now. Or start stacking 23 picks if you don’t want to wait.

As far as targets, I would not get caught up in the overpay for youth. I’d be looking at Stafford / Carr / Cousins as solid players. People are down on them but they are quality. I’d say the biggest thing to get out of your head early is the idea you’ll have a player for a decade. That’s not really how it’ll ever work minus maybe some very very few exceptions. Think of 2-4 years. Those QB should be in the league and helping you out through that window. You will find new blood in trades and drafts. Instead of paying up for an unproven Fields / Lance / Rookie, pay a bit less and get a less sexy proven commodity.

I’m not saying that I think you should or shouldn’t make moves now. It’s your squad and that’s your choice. I’d rather not pay up, but I’ve been in enough SF leagues to know I do not feel settled until my QB is under control. But there is always time and paths to improve and achieve your FF goals.

Rambling in places here. I hope any of this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you both @octoberland @jordanmasaru for some great advice! Dynasty is another animal lol but I think that’s what is going to make it fun. You make great points and that has put me at ease. I’m going to ride the season and hope Winston stays healthy and has the season he started with last year. I picked up Trubisky off the free agents in hopes he can win the job in Pittsburgh and prove himself. I like my depth and have some good young players. Thank you for your time and great answers. Good luck to you in your season this year :muscle:t3: