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Hi all,

I’m the commish and thinking of pitching our league to switch to a FAAB system instead of traditional waivers. If multiple teams bid on a player, what happens to the FAAB dollars of the teams that don’t win that player? Are they returned to the teams or are those dollars lost?

Only team that wins the player loses the money. Just like a real life auction, you don’t lose your money just because you make a bid. Also if your starting FAAB for the first time I’d remember to make $0 as your lowest bet offer, brings a different type of strategy to bidding. FAAB really needs to be standard across all platforms these days.

what happens if the highest bid is the same amount from two different teams?

You can allow decimal points as a way to help differentiate but usually you have a rolling waiver or some other tie breaker you all decide on together

That’s depends on you the commissioner. You can choose tiebreaker goes in inverse order of standings, or once someone picks someone up they go last on the priority list. You’ll always have someone who is higher up on priority when it comes to ties. Just depends on how you want to run it.

are these options you can implement in ESPN or something the commish has to track on the side?

If FAAB is offered in the league system it will give tie break options

Yeah every site tracks it for you. All you do is click the options you want. Just like normal waivers the sites do all the work for you.

got it, thanks guys!

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I prefer to have the tie break be first to put in for the bid. Earliest wins.

My ESPN league sets tiebreakers for bids as the traditional waiver order system. It inverses each week according to standings so worst team will win the breaker. Hope that helps.