New To FAAB quick question

12 team .5 ppr league starting qb/2rb/3wr/te/flex/def

QB: D. Watson
RB. J. Conner, K. Johnson, L. Murray, R. Penny, P. Barber
WR: B. Cooks, J. Gordon, C. Samuel, G. Allison, A. Miller, A. Wilson
TE: Kelce
Def: Ravens

$100 Faab budget with $0 minimum bid

I have three pending moves:
Bid $8 – add John Ross III; drop A. Wilson
Bid $7 – add Chris Thompson; drop Peyton Barber
Bid $7 – add Raheem Mostert; drop Peyton Barber (back up)
Bid $3 – add Pats D; drop Ravens D

Too much? Too little on these available guys?
Some other available names of note…
QB-- Rivers, Carr, Allen, Winston
RB-- Bernard, Mostert, Gore, Brown, Anderson
WR–Conley, McLAurin, Hardman, Amendola

Thanks for any advice!!