New to Forum :) Trade question

I am in need of a WR for FULL PPR. I have nelson, sanders, garcon. I have a friend who wants to trade me.

My TODD gurley and Abdullah for his ANtonio Brown and duke johnson.

As my Rbs i have left are MACK, MCKINNON, and AP?

Is this a good trade? thanks FOOTBALLER CLAN!

halp me :frowning:

ewww that is a tough one… I really like AB but Gurley is crushing it as well. I would say no since RBs are harder to come by especially in PPR. I would try to trade like AP or Mack for Ted Ginn or Hogan. that is my thoughts.

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yea… Thinking hard about this one. Since rodgers went down, Nelson not looking too good and on BYE. And sanders is out most likely this week. So i only have GARCON to play in the WR.

Duke would be an upgrade to abdulla in full PPR.
DAmn … Any other input would be great. Thanks

i wouldnt do that trade rbs are key to winning i would try and shop nelson see if you can sell the name or see what you can get for AP

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Don’t do it. I also wouldn’t trade Nelson unless it’s for someone legit. Nelson is still great even without Rodgers. He will come around. He won’t get as many TD’s but imo he will have a much better game than the last one

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I think your RB core is strong and you shouldn’t mess with that too much because thats whats going to help you win. There are some WRs on the waiver that might prove to be useful throughout the remainder of the season and easier to spot start WR than RBs. Also, we don’t know who will be Clevelands QB week over week so Duke’s value drops for me and we know Abdullah will get the work load, regardless.

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I would personally take that trade. Roll with McKinnon and Johnson as solid PPR backs with big upside. Brown is in a league of his own at WR. Gurley is a hit but Brown more than makes up for it.

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i dont have duke. im the one with abdullah.

I guess Consensus is dont do the trade. I will decline and ROLL WITH GURLEY…

Thanks guys

LOL hope so. Cant go any lower than last game LOL . unless its a donut :frowning:

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WRs in the waiver is pretty bone dry. doctson, marvin jones, amendola, Maclin, Snead are some thats left. thanks for the input.

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Amendola is a good play when not injured and Marvin Jones won’t be bad while Tate is out as well.

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Pick up Jones, surprised he’s on waivers. And Doctson is a good stash. Amendola is noteworthy as well.

Why on Earth in Jones on the wavier… get him now. With Tate and Galladay out he should be a target machine. Also he’s been out targeting Tate the last 3 games.

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No thanks.