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New to keeper league advice


Hi guys, i have inherited the below roster, I’m new to keepers and just seeking some advice on whether to keep or redo come draft day. 2 keeper 12 man league with IDP. each keeper is worth 1st and 2nd round pick respectively, do i keep any or let them go?

There are some obvious dont keeps in there, just want to know thoughts on Value to keep or let it all go

QB - Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill
RB - Mark Ingram, C.J. Anderson, Carlos Hyde, Derrick Henry
WR - Jordy Nelson, Desean Jackson, Chris Hogan, Jermaine Kearse, Mohammad Sanu, Markus Wheaton
TE - Tyler Eifert
D/ST - Seahawks, Eagles
K - Chris Boswell
DB - Malcom Jenkins
DL - Carlos Dunlap
LB - Mychael Kendricks


If your 1st round pick is a late one you could keep Jordy, that’s about it though.


I’m sitting 12th i believe


Yeah if your pick 10,11,12 I would Def keep Jordy.

If your any sooner. I wouldn’t keep anyone


I guess the thing is, 2 people have already kept players, so if more keep then i drop lower and lower, does the value still remain to keep Jordy or just risk no keepers and see how i go


The more players that are being kept Jordy’s ADP will rise so keep him.


At 12 you should keep Jordy for sure.