New to keeper league! Need some help

Hey guys my league is changing to a keeper league and was wondering if you have any tips for me. I’ve never played in keeper before so any tips would help. League is full PPR, we can keep up to 3 keepers. Keepers are kept at round drafted and move up 1 round every year kept.

Always try to find value. Who is someone you drafted late last year that is going way higher this year? Also it would help if you posted your team and what round you drafted them in lol.

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My advice would be look for value ie if you drafted Mclaurin or even Ekeler last year. But also don’t be afraid to keep the obvious guy eg McCaffrey. Just because you need to give up a first doesn’t mean he’s not value.

Sorry should have mentioned that we haven’t drafted yet. So we are doing a fresh draft going into the keepers. I’ve only done redraft so does the keeper aspect change how you would draft at all?

In my experience of first year keeper it’s a lot like redraft but you notice rookie wr go a bit earlier and older guys a bit later than they might in typical redraft. But it’s really year two before it’s taking shape properly.

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3 person keeper can be little bit of a trap that people treat it too much like dynasty and reach for younger unproven players or shy away from guys over 30. Obviously you want to get a young core you like but just keep in mind the shelf life of a Rb is only going be 4-5 years tops so don’t be afraid to keep that stud WR who might be closer to 26-28 over a Rb sometimes. Biggest piece of advice is don’t over think things when comparing the formats and ALWAYS play to win the season you’re IN and not stress to much about the future. There are always breakout players found on waivers every year or guys who were left for dead in years prior (ie Kenyan Drake) that can be found if you just stay active/observant.

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Honestly if this is the first year then I would just treat it like a redraft league. Don’t try anything cute like wasting a draft pick on someone you think will break out next year. Worry about this season and start thinking about who you’re gonna keep near the end of the season. Just my two cents.


what are you options dude? roster?