New to keeper leagues - Hunt, Bell, Kamara?

Hello everyone,

I am new to the keeper aspect of fantasy. This might be a dumb question but I just want to be sure. It’s my 2nd year in this 12 team league. Allowed 2 keepers - you lose the round in which you drafted them - and no less than a 7th round. Of all my players, I have Lev Bell, Kareem Hunt and Kamara. I drafted Bell in the first, Hunt in the 3rd and Kamara in the 12th. So if I keep Bell and Kamara, I would lose the 1st round pick, and a 7th rd pick. This makes more sense than keeping Hunt right? If I don’t keep Bell, I would be drafting from the 11 spot since I got 2nd place. APPRECIATE THE HELP PLEASE THANKS.

Bell and Kamara makes the most sense. good luck

Thank you !!

Do you know where you are drafting yet int he first round?

I’m drafting number 11. Thats why I think Bell is best because who would fall for me all the way to number 11 if I don’t keep him.

My bad I totally missed that in your original post. 100% agree Bell and Kamara. Hunt is technically the better value but you know what you are getting with Bell. Hunt, while impressive, is still somewhat unknown with Ware coming back.

It’s all good thanks! I’m new to keepers and thought this might be a dumb question. I’m a little behind on my fantasy research so yea I figured I’d ask around first. I don’t know Ware’s prognosis or anything. Don’t know when they think he’ll come back, etc etc.

Thanks for the input!