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New to Keepers*- Trade Offer for #2 pick

8 keepers, PPR, 6 pt QB league.

I just took over an orphan team, so as you can imagine it’s not great. I was planning on stock-piling draft picks and punting on this season, but then a solid offer came in.

I receive: Mike Evans & David Johnson
Give up: Round 1, Pick 2

My current keeper nominees:
QB - Wentz, Ryan
RB - Jacobs, Kerryon
WR - AJ Brown, Metcalf, Chark, Lockett, M Williams
TE - Ertz

(Sidenote, On the fence about Ryan, Kerryon, Williams for the last spot.)

My gut was to pass and stick to the rebuild plan, but Evans is only 27. I think they’ll be a dropoff with Brady from Jameis (not in talent, just simply passing volume) and of course they added Gronk. But Evans is still elite. I’m also weary because of how thin my RBs are. I think DJ can bounce back with Houston some, but I still don’t fully trust him. I could take Edwards-Helaire or Taylor at #2 overall and I’d be giving that up with this trade.

tl:dr: I’m new to Keeper/Dynasty, is this a good trade with my current roster?

A quick lil’ fantasy lesson, dynasty is where you keep all your players as long as you don’t cut or trade them. You’re in what’s called a keeper league, which changes the dynamics of your deal a little bit.

Absolutely trade 1.02 for Evans and Johnson, it immediately makes you a contender, and Keep DJ instead of Wentz


Also just noticed you’re got Metcalf and Lockett, I would shop them both and trade whichever gets you the best deal.

Seeing as it’s a Keeper league, I’d reckon Metcalf would fetch the best return from a team that’s rebuilding, with potential targets such as Julio or Beckham on their own or Hilton + an addition.

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Yeah, my mistake. Updated the thread title.

Still, I’m weighting 3-4 years of Evans/DJ vs potentially 10+ years of someone like Joe Burrow or 6-8 years of Edward-Helaire. I just wasn’t sure if my team was good enough to compete this year. I also don’t have my 2nd round pick this year, so I wouldn’t be picking until the 3rd, which is scary.

It’s a 10 team league btw.

Yeah, I was already contemplating this and leaning trading Lockett away.

You might want to temper your expectations a bit there.

So, here’s some questions you should be asking yourself…

Is your league really going to be in existence for 10 years?
Do you really think Joe Burrow is going to be a keeper for 10 plus years in a 1 QB league?
Do you really think that CEH is going to be a #1 running back on a unicorn-type high powered offence being able to replace exceptional talents like Hill and Kelce, etc etc for the next 6-8 years, getting consistent fantasy production with an old Andy Reid in an ever changing NFL landscape and have no injuries, no trades, not draft anymore RB’s…
Is every player you take going to preform at their ceiling for years and years…?

Yes. League started in 2001. It will be around for quite a while.

Probably not. Sure, he could be a bust, but #1 overall picks tend to turn out pretty well. Oh yeah, it’s a 2 QB league. I’m doing a poor job of mentioning all of the league settings.

Possibly. I wasn’t big on CEH going into the draft, but I am now. I think a decent RB in that offense will be valuable for a while.

That said, I do agree with you that I need temper my expectations with draft picks. The chances of the pick turning out better than Evans is slim.