New to the Clan. Just ordered the UDK. Excited

Started to listen to this podcast this offseason. I enjoy it. The UDK/DFS package seemed like a great deal, so i recently purchased it. How has everyone faired in their leagues using this sites rankings etc…


Hey Louder,

Welcome to the footclan! I’ll be trying the DFS for the first time this season too but am a big fan of their work and find that whether or not I agree with every ranking, the time they put into getting there is always evident and they give you perspective on why they believe something. They’re great for helping you learn how to look at fantasy and develop your own opinions as well as for giving actionable advice that is based in solid reasoning and research. Having three guys always helps too because you get to see different perspectives on the same player (as I’m sure you’ve noticed from listening).

Once again, welcome and best of luck this season!

  • Jared

Thank you Jared. I look forward to digging into their information and seeing how it stacks up to my research…

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I love that outlook! Once you pick a player, you own that player and that decision. It’s good to get the different perspectives to form your own projections, but at the end of the day it needs to be your team and your decision. That being said, I was blown away by the UDK last year. I can’t wait to see it this year because I know the guys are busting their butts to make it even better this year.

You’re going to be lightyears ahead of your draftmates with this. Let me know what you think when it comes out.


Thanks Eric. I do look forward using a different website then majority of my leagues. Seems the last few years me and my buddies have used the same draft tools/sites and many time obviously we have the same rankings, of course moving our guys where we think they should go

I bought it last year. I went from being a two time sacko to coming in second this past offseason. The UDK helped immensley


I just stated last season playing fantasy, after listening to the podcast i turned my team around and was respectable at least. Bought the UDK too and just joined forums. Good luck this year guys!


LOL Sacko. I constantly watch The League religiously around this time of year. Wish that show was still on. But that is a great sign that you went from last to second

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Is the UDK good for standard scoring leagues or just half point/full point ppr’s? Thx

I bought the UDK this year and it has lots of resources for standard as well as half point and full point PPR scoring.

Thanks a lot for your response. :+1:

hey there Louder. this is also my first time purchasing the UDK but I must say that I am absolutely blown away. I usually entrust my fantasy sources from the NFL Fantasy analyst but after venturing to other outside sources like FFB I have found that the information they put out is amazing! also take good note of the Reception Perception section. Matt Harmon is an amazing fantasy analyst and knows what he’s talking about Especially when it comes to the WR position. dig in and enjoy!

I had gone from listening to 4-5 podcasts a week, following a bunch of different analysts, and visiting about 10 different FF websites down to just about exclusively the Fantasy Footballers. I find that the three of them balance each other nicely. They disagree, without being disagreable. They will get hyped, while at the same time balancing expectations.

Best of luck this year!

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Pretty much exactly what @nerfhearder99 said