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New to the clan


What’s up clan!!! I’m new and I’m having trouble creating a new thread when it comes to the leagues section. Is that because my payment has not been processed yet?


Same issue here, can’t post in any of the footclan areas, although I’ve been a footclan member for a while now. Maybe one of the @fantasyfootballers can help?

Even though I have linked my patreon account to the site I still see the below message at the top of the page.

Want access to ALL the forums? Support the podcast by becoming an official #FootClan member & unlock tons of premium perks.
Already a Patreon supporter? Click here and connect your account.


Hey guys! Is your account email the same as your Patreon email? That’s the only conflict I could think of — let us know.


I didn’t sign up for an account. I clicked log in with Patreon. However, as I type this my account has now linked and I can access everything plus it labels me #Footclan Member.

My issue must have been a time thing. I probably jumped the gun on flagging my issue. Hopefully @colton_lee’s issue is something as simple as the email.


Welcome, guys!!