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New to the community


Just joined the footclan community. Any advice on how to go about joining leagues?


Welcome! Keep an eye on the league boards. All sorts of leagues from all over pop up. Post in there to express interest. Alternatively create your own thread and start a league. Usually lots of interest as long as not too specific geographically.

Good luck!


Welcome welcome!

There’s still plenty of time to find a league, and there are plenty of new posts about start-ups every day. As mentioned above, it’ll mostly be about what kind of a league format you’d like, and whether you’d like to be part of a regionally-based league (for a live draft) or just an online group of committed #FootClan members.

I’d probably not create a new post asking to if any leagues need a new member. Those posts can get lost in the shuffle, and it’s more productive to find an existing post of a league looking for members and to respond to that. (But of course, create a new post if you’d like to start a new league of your own!)


In your experience are there free leagues available to join? I know it’s still early but so far I’ve had no luck getting finding any free leagues.


Sorry you’re having trouble finding a free league!
My bet is that this’ll get a lot easier as the preseason approaches.

The guys started this community forum not too long ago, so my bet is there is a much smaller crew of regulars on here than will be a month from now when the HOF Game kicks off on August 3rd. Also, the year-round fantasy football crew is most-likely populated with seasoned players, starting very specific leagues (a bunch of rules, specific payouts, etc.) depending on their personal preferences.

So, as the season approaches, there’ll likely be a much larger pool of people here – because this is a fairly new forum, but also as the fever of the season sets in – and with all that, a wider variety of league formats will pop up looking for new members. And of course, feel free to post a new league of your own that you’d like to set up!