New to the #footclan, need keeper help!

Hey everyone. Been listening for almost 3 years now and was finally ready to take the plunge and join the clan.

I need some help with keepers in my hometown league.

full PPR we keep two. Each year a player is kept their “keeper tax” goes up by 50%. So first year keeper would be 50%, next 100% then 150% etc… we start with $200 budget
line up is: 1qb,2wr,2rb,flx,1te,d,k

All my options are:
Crowell $2 (first year keeper)
Martavis Bryant $9 (first year keeper)
Crowder $8 (first year keeper)
Corey Coleman $2 (first year keeper)
Abdullah $3 (first year keeper)
Woodhead $2 (first year keeper)

If you can tell me your thoughts along with your picks that be awesome!!!

ps: J-grizzzz if you chime in I will of course take your word above all others for fear of being mauled = ]

Crowell for sure. Then Crowder. Maybe Abdullah.

Thanks for the feedback Rob43

What were your thoughts as to why Crowder>Martavis

I’ve got a few reasons. Worries of another suspension for Bryant. Crowder has a better chance of being the wr1 for his respected team. And looking longer term I think Cousins will sign long term with Washington and there’s a good chance Big Ben retires after this year.