New to the forum, keep league strategy question

Hello everyone, last year was my first listen to FFBallers pod and I’m proud to say I finished 1st in my standard 12 team keeper league and 3rd in my 10 team standard league.

My question for the forum is in regards to my standard 12 team keeper league. I’m fortunate to have M Thomas as a 7th rd pick and J Howard as a 14th. I have the 8th pick. It’s worth noting Kamara is the only top 24 pick held as a keeper ( other then Thomas on my roster. I’m projecting my draft mates to take Bell, Gurley,Johnson, elloiot, Barkley, Brown and Fornette or Gordon. Leaving me to pick between Fournette/Gordon, Hunter or Hopkins. My gut tells me to go RB at 8 then lock up Gronk or best WR available in the 2nd. Am I foolish to pass on Hopkins???