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New to this


Just curious, when you guys make your own rankings, what things do you consider? I’m trying to put together some rankings of my own but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing :joy:


First I would look into what kind of league you will be playing in. That is PPR ,1/2pt PPR, standard, dynasty, keeper, bla bla bla. I’ve only played standard redraft so my ranking techniques are fairly linear. The next step is really just knowing an exhausting amount of information about football and then making judgment calls on the players. For example, I rank Gronkowsky 2nd behind Travis Kelce, not because he is less talented but because he has injury issues. Or players on the 49ers like Pirre Garson rise in my rankings due to the new Kyle Shanahan offense and QB. Use all the information possible to make a fair assessment of what a player might and might not do in the upcoming year. Then you make your own rankings and or tiers based on your beliefs. After that cross your fingers and grab a beer cause its football and things happen that nobody can predict.


As far as things to consider, some things are,
Past performances
Contract year?
Injury history
Coaching changes
Players that are removed or added that could help or hurt the players fantasy score
Offensive line chages
Strength of schedule
etc. good luck


Hey thanks man! This helps a lot!