New trade just made

Did I make a mistake?

I traded away Antonio Brown for Amari Cooper.

I have Mike Evans already and I don’t feel comfortable playing both him and AB.

Cooper will ride my bench until he’s proven himself

Wr core is:
Mike Evans
Keenan Allen
Diontae Johnson
Tee Higgins
Amari cooper

I should probably try trade a piece for another position :joy:

Diontae Johnson is great, but personally, I feel like it’s difficult to gauge Steelers WRs, and Johnson comes up injured pretty often. If you were going to try to add at another position I think he’d be a movable piece.

I feel like this is a good trade though. Who knows how Brown is going to end up in TB, and you know Amari is going to be option one in Dallas no matter the QB.

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The trade for cooper is fine.

I disagree on the analysis of Diontae. He has 10+ targets in 5 of 9 games this year he has played and two of those games he left early with injury. It really all comes down to health for him but if he is playing he is getting the targets and and has been Big Ben’s number 1. Obviously health is sketchy but if he stays out there he stays in your lineup. The offense is too high powered to avoid.

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I think this all boils down to what you think the future will hold for the rushing/passing splits. Last couple weeks they’ve ran the ball only 12-18x. The RBs have been pretty uninvolved. Earlier in the season they ran closer to about 30x. Doesnt seem to be game script related either. they’ve been pretty ineffective on the ground the last two weeks.

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I disagree with the analysis that he’s the obvious number 1. To me this is like a 1a , 1b and Claypool is making a clear case to be in it as a 1c.

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Yeah I think all 3 WRs are viable options. Johnson just has the clear target advantage.

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Honestly can make a case starting Higgins over diontae… it’s always tricky to decide
Luckily this week it was a win win. Diontae is a beast but he could easily get forgotten like Mike Evans earlier in the year.
Mike Evans stock should increase as AB is taking coverage away from him