New version of previous trade, my Lindsay for his Ridley?

Previously another owner offered his Calvin Ridley for my Sony Michel. Turned it down. But now wondering if I should go back to offer my Philip Lindsay for his Ridley.

Its a 12 team .5PPR league. My RBs: CMC, Kerryon, Michel (starting as Flex), Lindsay (starting as Flex), Guice, Jamaal Williams, and Ty Montgomery. My WRs: Adam Thielen, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills. So I think I need a WR., but hate trading a RB. Any advice appreciated!

I don’t think either trade is in your best interest… maybe ask for next year’s third round pick to sweeten the pot?

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Thanks for the response and advice, but unfortunately its a redraft league, so the future draft pick has little value. :slightly_smiling_face:

If those 3 WR’s are your only WR’s then i deff think you could use an upgrade, i’m just not sure Ridley is the guy to target. I think Lindsay is going to be a rather consistent, safe Flex/RB2 where we don’t know what Ridley is going to produce yet. I know he’s the 2 outside Julio Jones, but RB’s offer a much safer floor compared to the bust potential of WR’s. I think you are better off targeting a slightly better WR for either your Lindsay or Michel, as both are pretty solid RB2s.

my 2 cents

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