Newbie Question

Should I trade Cam Newton and DeMarco Murray for Phillip Rivers and Leonard Fournette?

I’d keep cam and demarco

I have Andrew Luck and Cam Newton, so i’m fine with Rivers at the beginning of the season. More just worried about the minor backfield committee that looks to be forming with the Titans.

Who else do you have at rb? Luck is a tough one because it’s unclear when he’ll be back and how he’ll perform if he does return. You have a good point with titans rb situation. Fournette is a workhorse too. I think you should be okay with or without the trade.

I have Lamar Miller, Kareem Hunt, and the injured David Johnson.

I wanna say it’s a fair trade but I’m still unsure about fournette. He did great week one but that’s the only sample we have so far. If fournette stays healthy and keeps up the workload that he saw week one, then he’s a great pick up. Sorry can’t give you a definite answer.

any feedback helps thanks!