Newbie Superflex .5ppr Dynasty question

First time playing Dynasty. I have the second overall pick, I’m not a fan of drafting QBs early in superflex redraft but because this is Dynasty is it better to go QB early or wait for one of the rookies and a vet, say in the 4th/5th round. Cheers in advance

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Howdy! SF and dynasty are not the same. In SF, if you have Mahomes available you 100% take him. You cannot undervalued a QB of his caliber in SF leagues. If you can grab another young stud QB in the second I would even consider that.

All other positions do not typically hit year over year. Yes, some do. But do you think Mahomes or CMC will be in the league longer and still be crushing it? There is a reason QB play through late 30s.

In SF where you get to play two of them, they are massive wins for your squad. After the first you can play your board in the draft but if Mahomes is there I take that pick to the bank. Zero hesitation.

Also grab your third QB before you think it makes sense. Injury and bye weeks mess a season up fast. You can always pull a hot WR/RB of the waiver. Happens every year. Not so much with QB, and especially not in SF.

Just my take, but I hope it helps.

Cheers for the advice, I put it into effect last night, managed to get Dak and Allen in the 3rd and 5th.

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Nice! IMHO Dak is a huge win. Things are looking strong down in DAL. I like Allen as well. I would suggest swinging back in and grabbing one more guy. It will feel like overkill, but it is completely worth it. I strong suggest a top 24 QB if they are still available and someone who might be around for a bit. Like a Cousins / Stafford or even Darnold / Bridgewater / Lock if you like their game. But having three (or more) starting QB is big in SF and, if nothing else, they are awesome trade material to teams who thought they could go late round.

As always, just my two cents!

Aww cheers, but there’s only back ups left, the draft has concluded, i did take Love with my 20th pick was surprised he was still available, I was offered a trade straight of the bat tho, Matt Ryan and a 2021 2nd rounder for Allen I don’t think either there’s any value in it, do you ? Promise that’s the last question lol

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No worries. Hmm, I actually do not hate it. But there is not really enough there to make me jump at it. I really like Matt Ryan for his consistent game play. I think that ATL wants to air it out and they play in a dome, so that helps the later season games. Not to mention their opponents are in the south and NO is a dome as well.

That said, the youth factor is high for Allen and I think he has a shot. Adding Diggs could be huge for them, but I think ultimately BUF is a run first team. See weather comments above, but in the exact opposite. I like his rush floor, but now with Moss up there I think they are wanting to limit some of the running. Especially if they think he might be a Franchise guy. I do not see him that way unless his passing improves quite a bit. But he is solid enough to hold the job for a while.

The 2nd from next year is actually pretty nice in theory. I am assuming rookie draft given the league type. We ought to be seeing a repeat of this class next year. That is fairly exciting. Although I am not sure about the QB class, I would be surprised if anyone of immediate value is there in the 2nd for you. That puts another year of delay on getting a youthful QB, but you could soak up another skills position which isn’t bad.

Phew. All that said, I would probably stay put unless you really like the ATL situation. With that in mind, and this is just my opinion, I would try to trade for another QB. Keep the two you have, and see what you can get out there if anything. I like Love just fine, but unless there is something weird in the waters of GB, he will likely be a two plus year wait. Roster him if you can hold him and he is a great taxi squad candidate. But without sounding like a skipping record I cannot understate the importance of QB in SF. Admittedly, I do not know your roster so you might have provisions, but getting another could be huge.

I went into a start up last year with two QB only, thinking I had a strong enough surrounding core. I was well too confident being honest. Other teams thought similarly and they had a far better two than I did. All of us were scrambling and over-paying for a QB3 before the season ended. Teams with QB3/QB4/QB5 (glutton) were soaking profits. IF you can land someone now, I would suggest it and do not worry if it feels like a bit of an overpay. Not a tonne, of course, but for a solid QB3 on your team, not in rakings necessarily, will add some comfort.

Other leagues I played less confidently and it was much easier as a manager. Again, your two are very nice. Landing a Lock / Cousins / Jones / Tannehill / Darnold / Bridgewater would be great. Find a team with any of those guys who also has ‘needs’ or even a QB4 and try to pick one off of them. Long and rambling, but I wanted to layout my thoughts. Hopefully they help even if they are ignored!

Thank you so much for that reply and advice, really much appreciated. Gonna follow your lead and try and get a QB3 onboard.

Just if you’re interested here’s how my draft faired out.

QB 2 RBs 3WR 2 flex, 1 super flex, defence


DJ Dallas
Antonio Gibson

Dionte johnson
D Robinson
Scotty Miller
Gandy golden
J jennings



Thanks so much again bud

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That team looks pretty well balanced with some strong upside lurking. I like your second 3 RB for potential, and I think Howard has upside this season. Loads of WR depth, so strong game there! If Herndon hits this season, you have a great sleeper on your hands. I think there is potential he does.

I’d be comfortable with this as a balanced team with upside. Best luck landing that 3rd QB. I’d be okay giving some depth to add that security, just make sure it is someone you can see playing the next 3 or so years. Longer is even better!

As a note, try to think of dynasty in this way: even when you are losing you are winning. That is, a losing year means better picks. That was tough for me to understand, but if you can get okay with it you can afford making some moves one year to set you up for future years. Just do not move your 1st rounders if you think you are heading into a losing year!

Thanks again really much appreciated, take care.

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You are welcome. I hope something in there helped!