Newly Minted CMC Owner, Start Hubbard?

So as some of you may know, prior to week 3’s Thursday night game I succeeded in trading Brandin Cooks and Aaron Jones for CMC. Thursday night happens, trade is locked in and I receive my CMC on Tuesday morning.
I’ve now entered RB Hell and just need some opinions I’m only starting two between:
Gordon, Edmunds, Hubbard, Montgomery, (CMC :frowning: )

(for context)
QB: Sam Darnold
WR: Hopkins, Kupp, Lockett, Godwin, AB, (Josh Gordon), (Jarvis Landry)
TE: Higby
K: Carlson
Def: Panthers

You still look fine at RB and will be great when CMC comes back. I think Rams matchup will be tough for Arizona, so I’d lean Montgomery and Hubbard. I’d consider Edmonds over Hubbard and would play Montgomery for sure.

I didnt think Hubbard looked that good honestly but most of that I felt was he just looked incredibly twitchy like he was nervous the whole time so hopefully this week will be a different story being a long week. Montgomery has me slightly worried, I was giving him this week against the Lions as a test of sorts before I start weighing him against Edmunds by matchup each week

Hubbard should get a lot of volume. And the O/U in Car Dal game looks like it could be a shootout. Lots of check downs to Chuba