Newton, Carr, or Allen

This question is eating at me for two reasons; one because I’m even asking this seemingly obscene question and two, because I really do not know what to do. HELP!

Cam is Cam. He’s playing poorly as of late, but normally on primetime games (minus the Pittsburgh game) he shines. He’s also been more QB all year and has done very well. The shoulder seems to be a growing issue so I’m shying away from him.

Josh Allen can run, but he is an awful quarterback going against a pretty good Detroit defense. He’s been hot as of late, but he can’t keep running for 100 yards…can he?

Derek Carr is playing Cincinnati, which doesn’t mean anything because he was a dud against a poor SF defense, but Cincinnati maybe worse than them.

What do y’all think? Thanks!

Im debating on starting Carr for matchup sake but I have Aaron vs bears which sucks for matchups but its hard to leave Aaron on the bench for a chance at the championship. for you though Id got Carr. Think oakland is playing a little better and gruden will get them up for the game to finish the year strong.