Newton or Winston

Week one of the playoffs. Logic is telling me that I should play Jameis with the juicy matchup against NO, and with Cam’s shoulder injury… BUT HE’S JAMEIS WINSTON! I think i have a pretty good shot at winning this week as my opponent’s team just took two big hits with the AJ Green injury and Manny Sanders going down. So do I err on the safe side and play Cam or go for Jameis?

Other Options: Pick up Aaron Rodgers and drop Jameis Samuels who can potentially be used against me

Could be risky but id go with Winston, cams injury is what really worries me. And ofc NO secondary is trash

Exactly. I can see that Jameis scoring 35 points against NO, but I can also see him scoring 4. I claimed Rogers. If I get him, I think i’ll play him if not it’s gonna be Jameis this week