Next Man Up in Phi

With Ajayi out for the year, who is the RB to own? Clement or Smallwood?

CC for sure for me, if he’s healthy

Smallwood for the moment but with Clement, Sproles when healthy, Josh Adams and most likely another Veteran bought in (Jamal Charles was working out for them today) this is a messy RBBC with 3 or more heads potentially ROS.

By all means take a shot on Clement or Smallwood or Adams as a deep sleeper but until we see more this will be a crap shoot. I’d personally grab another option and let everyone else figure this out in my league unless you have very long benches and can stash one or two and see what happens.

We have larger benches and I need help at RB! I have DJ, Collins, Lewis, Ronald Jones, and Foreman. So, as you can see, I need to place a claim. Right now I’m leaning toward Smallwood

Ah okay yes get one of them in in your situation. Smallwood is playing well and Clement is only just back to practice after his injury I’d go Smallwood but if you can get either Clement or Josh Adams as well i would do so and see for a couple of weeks what happens

Thanks, I’ll take my shot and cross my fingers

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