Next move?

Standard league, just completed a trade to get Ertz and I’ve built what I think is a very strong team. Are there any other moves that I should look to make here or do I just sit back now (aside from injury) and watch my 6 week project come into its own? I’m sitting at 4-2 should be a comfortable 5-2 after this week. Open to any suggestions on trade targets etc?

For example if OBJ has a big game on Monday do i target someone like MT and go for consistency? Or do I keep OBJ and have the high risk/high reward player in my team?

QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Cohen, Kerryon, Ito
WRs - Green, OBJ, Landry, Baldwin, Tre’quan Smith
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

looks good if you can shop obj for consistency i would but landry is set up for 4 juicy weeks tampa pittsburgh kc atl

i just traded for landry and also picked up mayfiled i have cousins but bye in week ten

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Will see what I can get done after a big game (we hope from OBJ) but as you say I have the depth now to help and given how the rest of my lineup should perform each week I can use OBJ like a Tyreek Hill and take the lumps with a low game but the ceiling is massive so he’s worth a play.

Got Landry as well recently and for super cheap as well after the Chargers game he’s a good buy I think for sure

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