NFL Advanced Statistics

Hey footclan,

I’ve been really intrigued by some of the deeper analysis going on (especially Never Not Working) and I wanted to try and dig into some of the raw data myself just to get a feel for it and see if I can develop an edge both for normal fantasy and DFS.

I’m wondering if anyone knows a preferred site to get the data from, I found FTN Data which seems like what I’m looking for but wanted to check with y’all to see if anyone knows anyone else from personal experience.

Thanks for the help!

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It’s a deep pool fast. That site I’m unfamiliar with but it does seem to be very comprehensive. I have not done anything overly robust but in the past I’ve used data from

Their Data Analysis section was pretty good, but I think it would be better if you downloaded the full set you want and manipulate it on your own. Articles and prebuilt tools are included.

The tools they provide are pretty great and I haven’t even figured out how to maximize all of them, but you also get the subscription to their articles and such. It’s a pretty nice deal.

I’ve not used them as I thought the cost was a little high and I’m dabbling. However, it’s pretty much an industry standard so they must be doing something right :slight_smile:

Lastly is this site:

I really like them. They have great stats and while not as robust, they cover college. I think you can get the stats for free but their tools are paid? The paid site I believe is

I only this year signed up for this one but the tools seem to be very powerful and customizable.

While I am much more a film guy (love watching the plays) I have interest / respect for some analytics. For me I’d maybe try one of the less expensive options with pre-built tools to get a feel for how people are already combining and combing through data. You might find they’ve already built what you want. If you are still not getting that satisfaction maybe move on to a site like you mentioned. My only concern would be unless you know how to manipulate raw data (I did not and still am novice at best) it could be overwhelming and costly.

Clearly you know your comfort level so the choice is yours, but I’ve at least used all the sites I listed over the last three years, minus PFF due to cost. I currently only subscribe to RotoViz and just added Stathead this season.

I suppose FantasyPros, Dynasty Nerds, and Football Guys all have some sort of tools as well, but I look at them more as a FF management sort of tool set. Their information is good and the tools can be helpful for roster management / trade calculation / waiver but I’d not consider them especially analytic sites.

I hope any of this helps!

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This is immensely helpful, thanks so much!

Thank you again @octoberland. I copied a baseline comparison for my and the footclan’s reference if anyone else stumbles onto this in the future. Note: these are the pricing tiers to get the advanced stats I’m looking for, they almost all have cheaper options.

It looks like FTN, PFF, and Player Profile let you download some version of the raw data compared to RotoViz and StatHead where you’d use their (undoubtedly great) online tools and reports but the price obviously reflects that.

FTN Data/Armchair Analysis		$250.00
Player Profile		$150.00
Roto Viz		$59.00
PFF		$200.00
Pro Football Reference / Stat Head		$8/month
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I thought you could download some of their raw data, but yeah you’d be starting primarily with their tools. Stathead I would note lets you build your comparisions / searches in the site, so while you might not be getting the raw data, you do get to use all their data on their site building your own criteria.

That said, you are right in that there is an absolute difference between using someone’s tools and pure data access. I guess I was thinking messing with the tools might provide you already with what you are looking to build. Saving reinventing the wheel if you will.

I am interested to hear what you think of things as you start digging.

FWIW Pahowdy and FFSpaceman (I think those are the right handles) are also super good data nerds and they help out the community. RotoViz guys would likely do so as well if you just had “how to…” questions.

You’re definitely right, I tend to be overly ambitious with this kinda thing but the more I planned out, the more I realized I was just recreating the reports they already had! I’m going to start out with Stathead and see how that goes but really appreciate all the help and direction.

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I hear that. It’s why I went with those services to begin with. My thought was get to know their tools, which are really where I was looking to build anyway, and then if they are lacking a feature / column / stat I’d consider making my own. But the pool is soooooo wide and deep that I just wanted to get a sense of the space. Clearly just my experience :slight_smile:

Best of luck on the journey, and you can always move into all the raw data if you want. Fortunately that window doesn’t close by making this choice for now!