NFL Betting Lines- Buccs Over Under

Alright so I usually don’t bet on regular season wins, but I just saw the Buccs with their over/under win total at 7.5 and HAD to throw money on the under. With Jameis out 3 weeks against tough opponents and playing possibly the best division in the NFL for 6 games, I see this as a near lock.

Opinions? Arguments for or against this? Please convince me to stop throwing more money into this under because I feel my chances of success are really high lol.

I looked at the 2017 regular season result because I had the impression that they really sucked hard.

It’s not as bad as I thought. They were in a lot of games.

Not that 2017’s results will in any way impact 2018, but 7.5 seems about right. I don’t think the loss of Winston for the first 3 games will impact them nearly as much as public perception. Fitz can and has been one of the best backups in the league.

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I would bet under and never look back. Looking at their schedule, there is only 3 games I have any confidence that they will win. And their first 3 games without winston… awful. Saints, eagles, steelers… that’s a rough rough start. I have them pegged at 5 wins at best.

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I think that this is a good bet. I may have to place one myself. It seems like there may be some serious problems brewing with this franchise.

Id also heavily consider betting the under on the Bills.

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Agreed on the BUCs under. Don’t see them finishing .500 or higher. Bills made playoffs last season w/trash, so would have to look into that.

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