Commish help!

Hey guys was wondering if any of you have used to do a Keeper league?

I know that there are better platforms for keeper leagues than this one but this is the one that most leaguemates liked.

I am first time commish of the keeper league and the draft has just concluded. We did 25 rounds, keeping 18 of the 25.

I was wondering how I change the rookie/free agent draft for next year. As the draft has concluded Leaguemates can now start trading picks and players, but it is showing that next year we have 25 picks again. How do I change it so that there is only an option to trade 7 rounds worth of picks?

Any help would be appreciated if anyone knows!!!

I don’t think you’re going to be able to use to provide this functionality. Will likely need to setup a google doc to record trades.

Next year, in the off season, you should be able to setup the draft with 7 rounds. You will then have to apply the picks the right people based on the google sheet.

To your point, this is why is not the greatest for this type of league…I would call it dynasty if you are keeping 18 players. It means as the commish you have more work to monitor and administrate this over time. Whereas a site like MFL does this for you.

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