is allowing players to be picked up as free agents before waivers clear?

I am the commissioner of a 7 year league on We have a particular player in our league that will stay up every Tuesday night into Wednesday morning in order to get first grabs on waivers. Last week he was able to pick up Jared Cook around 230am EST, which is about an hour before waivers clear sometime between 3am and 4am EST.

He claims he can see which players have had waivers put in for them starting around 245am ish. Allowing him or anybody else to decide if he needs to indeed spend a waiver on a player he wants a hour before waivers clear. I’m fairly certain everyone in the league would be able to do this, because last week I stayed up and noticed around 3am that players were listed as free agents while some said waiver underneath their name.

What I’m wondering is if this is normal? Its a 7 year league and someone is just discovering this? Last year we had multiple people who would wait until the moment waivers would clear Wednesday morning and hop on the free agents that were available which is fine. But being able to pick up players before waivers clear has never been a thing, right? Am I crazy or is the website screwing our league? Just looking for some clarity on this, because its kind of lame that anyone would be able to see which players are being waivered before the deadline, let alone pick one up.

Sorry if this post is confusing and complicated. I honestly don’t fully understand what’s going on myself. And being that these events all transpire between 2am and 4am makes it difficult to figure out

EDIT: I just realized that there is a Commish Qs forum that I could have posted this in. If a mod is able to move this or not that’s cool.

Just noticed yahoo has the same issue

are you able to view which players are being waivered before the deadline? pick up players? or both

At around 3am on Wednesdays (12PM pacific time), general waivers become available to everyone in the league. This means that any player that has not had a claim filed for them is available to be picked up.

However, if there is a player that had a claim put in before the cutoff time (3am), then that claim is final, and the player with higheat bid or highest priority will get him after the claims process (usually 1.5 hours after the general waivers become available). This also means that you are no longer allowed to place a claim for any players that have ALREADY BEEN CLAIMED after the cutoff time.

It’s a very fair process, just not thoroughly understood or renowned.


I wake up at 3am, I see that the packers D has not been claimed and is available for me to pick up. I also see that John Brown is still there, but is listed in yellow or “waiver” - this means that one or more people placed a claim for him, and at around 4:30am the claims will be processed and we will find out who got who (based on FAAB bid or priority). This also means that I’m no longer able to place a claim on John Brown.

Thank you, that does clarify some things. However, this particular guy in my league is a slime ball and today he told me that he put in a waiver for Wendall Smallwood but canceled it during the 1.5 hours between that 3am cutoff time and the time the claims process, in order to preserve him so he could pick him up as a free agent around 4am ish.

Do you know if he or anyone is really able to do that or is he just messing with me

Thank you again

You can’t cancel a waiver claim after the cutoff time - this is 100% tried and true for yahoo, not too sure about NFL because I’ve never used that platform.

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You are a big help, ill have to test that next week. Definitely moving to a FAAB system next year that’s for sure.

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Impossible to do this as far as I understand think he’s messing with you unless he somehow knew no one was going to put a waiver wire claim on him. It should say under the transaction if it was a waiver or free agent pick up.

For us in UK it processes at 8 30 am so this is a frequent commuter trick that I worked out early on to work out who’s had a claim made. (It also puts people sho have claims made but subsequently cancelled so if there’s a player you want to ensure he doesn’t get but you don’t want then just waiver claim and cancel and it will block them from the pick up until after waivers have processed)

Thanks, for the clarification

I noticed about yahoo earlier this year. Not sure about cancelling or not but you can see which players had a claim on them and I believe which ones are being dropped because everyone else will go to FA status and they will still have W by their names.