NFL Rule or Stat Correction Inc?

Anyone know if there is some sort of obscure NFL rule with calculating loss of yards on a loss of down?

Reason I ask is because near the end of the Browns game the Browns had a 4th and 1 attempt from the 10 yard line. Nick Chubb was sitting at 102 yards and was apparently stuffed in the backfield for -2 yards(It looked more like -2.5 - 2.75 to me).

However when the Broncos took over on downs they were spotted at the 13 yard line insinuating that it was a loss of 3 yards? Yet Chubb was still only credited for a -2 yard loss? It would bring Chubb’s total rushing yards from 100 down to 99 and therefore negating any 100 yard bonus if your league has that in place.

I am wondering if there is some strange rule which would justify this or if a stat correction is likely? It would make a difference in one of our playoff games.

Here is the screen shot of the play by play!

Did you actually watch the game? I am just wandering if it started at the exact 10 yard line on the original play or the 10.5 and when he lost 2 they spotted it closer at the 13? Who know, it could also just be bad officiating because we’ve all seen plenty of that this year. But I really, I mean REALLY hope there is no stat correction as my semi game was too close amd I was on the winning side!

Yahoo actually took away Chubbs 100 yard bonus and marked him back to 99 yards and then a few seconds later gave it back and put him at 100 yards.

I did not watch the game live but I went back and watched the game with NFL game pass and the ball was 100% spotted at the 10 then after the change of possession was 100% spotted at the 13.

The actual yardage Chubb lost is the most subjective aspect of the entire situation. Looked like 2.5 or so to me so maybe that’s why there’s only -2 credited to Chubb.

The thing is though if we use that logic always, think of a 4th down and 10 where a receiver catches a ball for 9.9 yards and ends up inches short of the first down. They are not credited with a 10 yard reception they are credited with a 9 yard reception which is the complete opposite of the way the Chubb stat is being associated right now.

Regardless doesn’t look like there will be a change and the “missing yard” will forever be lost lol.

My buddies made a meme to troll me which had me cracking up laughing. For those who ended up on the wrong side of the Chubb debacle hopefully this meme can bring some sort of laughter and light to the situation.

Good luck to all who made it to the finals!


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