Nick Chubb, Dalvin Cook, and Alshon Jeffery for the Chargers Running Backs

Would you do this trade? I receive Chubb, Cook, and Alshon but lose Melvin Gordan and Austin Ekler. Im in a 10 team standard league and I am currently in 7th place at 4-4. Very competitive league. He is also interested in maybe giving me Chubb and Tyreek Hill for the Chargers RBs. This is my current roster:

Hell no, not for an unproven guy, a guy who is hurt and a boom or bust player. You also cant take that risk of having Fournette and Cook on your team. I am not opposed to trading Gordon in you situation, just need to get a solid RB and WR in return and that is not it.

Hard pass for me… Keep Melvin

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the other guy has mixon but wont give him up, he said mixon and gordan are the same player… smh. He also has sony. Would u do sony michel and tyreek and maybe someone else for the chargers rbs?

Yeah, I would say Melvin is an upgrade from Sony, He should bite on that. I think Tyreek is streaky as well and I dont trust him, but if it was Sony and Tyreek, I would probably try for Chubb as well.