Nick Chubb droppable?

I picked up Nick Chubb in one of the final rounds of my draft, but starting to feel like maybe he’s creating a roster jam. With Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson already there, is Nick Chubb droppable?


I usually wait a week or 2 to drop someone. You dont want to be an Andy, but if you need to make space for a starter, then yes he is dropable


Agree 100% wouldn’t drop him if you didn’t have to but if you need to make space then yes.

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Too early to drop. You drafted him for a reason, let it play out a couple weeks.

Depends on who’s out there and who you can grab. We won’t know for a bit who was really worth keeping, but as always people move players anyway. If i had chubb i have no confidence in him being something until mid season and that’s based mostly on hyde either sucking or getting injured.

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